Production Philosophy

Typicity, elegance, character and longevity: these are the qualities we look for in our wines. Our team is made up of Etna women and men. We only cultivate native Etna varieties and follow organic practices, and we only use indigenous yeasts selected after years of research in the vineyard and in the cellar. For over thirty years we have worked to preserve and enhance the bond between the Etna territory and our wines. Authentic wines, wines to remember.


These wines are true benchmarks of Etna viticulture, for which they are ambassadors in the world. They have their roots in the history of the winery, but they have evolved further to reach new heights of excellence: Pietra Marina Etna Bianco Superiore; Rovittello Particella No. 341 Etna Rosso Riserva; and Serra della Contessa Particella No. 587 Etna Rosso Riserva.

WinesContrade Selection

Respect for the historical traditions of Etna’s contrade has remained a cornerstone for Benanti since the beginning. In the 1990s we knew it was imperative to produce wines linked to specific areas on each of Etna’s four slopes. Tasting these wines is a unique opportunity to experience, in a very real sense, the specificities of the five distinctive contrade: Calderara Sottana a Randazzo, Dafara Galluzzo in Rovittello, Castiglione di Sicilia; Rinazzo in Milo; Monte Serra in Viagrande and Cavaliere in Santa Maria di Licodìa.

WinesTraditional Method Sparkling Wines

Our belief in the high potential of Etna for sparkling wines led to the birth of Noblesse Brut Metodo Classico in 2002, the first sparkling wine produced with Carricante grapes, a variety we have always carried in our hearts. Noblesse is dry, fine, and delicate, and is only produced in very small quantities, like its more complex counterpart Lamorèmio, our Brut Metodo Classico Rosé obtained from Nerello Mascalese.


An authentic expression of the Etna territory in its entirety, produced with grapes coming from vineyards located on several slopes, not from single contrade. Our Etna Bianco, Etna Rosato and Etna Rosso are ideal for a more frequent consumption, combining balance and structure with freshness and high drinkability. These are exemplary wines and pillars of Benanti’s production.