How our proprietary autochthonous yeasts were born. A unique case on Etna.

Moved by our pioneering spirit, in the five-year period from 2005 to 2010, we carried out rigorous experiments aimed at identifying the best naturally occuring native yeast strains in the territory of the D.O.C. Etna. The work, carried out in collaboration with the Regional Institute of Vine and Wine of Palermo, led to the identification and isolation of numerous yeast strains, further proving that Etna has developed species with phenotypic and genotypic characteristics unique to its indigenous grape varieties. The four best yeast strains have been patented by Benanti since they proved to be ideally suited for the production of wines with a true and distinct local and territorial character. Since the 2010 vintage, these yeasts have been consistently used in all our vinifications.

The abstract of our research can be downloaded here